Elodie Cherie – French classic xxx

Elodie Cherie - French classic xxx

Name: Dirty Twins

Year: 1993

Language: French

Director: Moli

Duration: 82 min

Country: France

Actress: Elodie Cherie,Laure Valois,Sandrine,Florence Marley,Christelle

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Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Jean-Yves Le Castel,Piotr Stanislas

Elodie Cherie - French classic xxx


French classic xxx – “Gigolo 1”

Name: Gigolo 1

Language: French

Director: Pierre Woodman

Year: 1995

Country: France

Duration: 155 min

Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Yves Baillat,Jean-Yves Le Castel,Richard Langin,Philippe Soine,Francesco Malcom,Pierre Woodman,Frank Versace,Alain Deloin,Jean Louis,Laurent,Philou,Benoit

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Actress: Tania Russof,Olivia del Rio,Monique Covet,Joy Kiss,Gabrielle Scream,Laura Catwoman,Vivienne Clash,Sylvia Sopia

Lord Hubert Sunderthal, one of the richest men in the world, has fallen head over heals for Helena, a young model who resists marrying him due to the fact that his wife Anais, a pure and devote Catholic, is completely against the idea of divorce. Faced with this dilemma, Sunderthal contracts Mike Stern, a famous gigolo from Monaco, who is to get rid of his wife, making it look like an accident. This latest thriller is a delicious cocktail of beautiful and exciting girls, dream castles and wonderful cars. A film in which, without a doubt, you can enjoy the most sublime beauty as well as the hardest sex scenes.


French classic xxx – “Couples Pervers”

Name: Couples Pervers

Year: 1982

Language: French

Director: Maxime Debest

Duration: 73 min

Country: France

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Actress: Cathy Stewart,Nadine Roussial

Actors: Jean-Pierre Armand,Jacques Gatteau,Andre Kay

Julie enters in a old castle by curiosity. The owner, a libidinous oldster, makes her devote himself to games erotic with his servant. The oldster dies from emotion, Julie inherits from the castle and dream of the delightful prince


French classic xxx : “Petite cousine salope”

Name: Petite cousine salope

Language: French

Director: Joe de Palmer

Duration: 55 min

Country: France

Year: 1983

Actress: Cathy Stewart,Mika Barthel,Elisabeth Bure,Eva Kleber

Actors: Piotr Stanislas,Andre Kay

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Piotr Stanilsas brings prim Eva Kleber, the shy cousin of the fianc?e, Myka, to a party with the other cast members. Eva is forcibly stripped but then joins in the sexual antics with a will. Non-stop sex and partner swapping follow. A circular bed features in some of the scenes.


Laura Valerie – French classic xxx

Laura Valerie - French classic xxx

Name: Famille Lesbiennes 2

Year: 1991

Country: France

Duration: 80 min

Language: French


Actress: Laura Valerie,Melodie Kiss,Christine Rigoler,Penelope Valentin,Joy Karin’s,Charlotte Stephie


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Laura Valerie - French classic xxx

2-part series has a mum getting all-too-close to girl for some toy time. Mum then plays with her friend Joy Karins and girl sees them and is taken aback but turned on. Joy eventually has her way with girl while the second girl takes advantage of Mum pollside at the end.


Sharon Vallon sex in “Black Silk Stockings”

Name: Black Silk Stockings

Country: United States

Duration: 66 min

Language: English

Director: Billy Thornberg

Year: 1978

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Actress: Annette Haven,Linda Wong,Desiree West,Susan Strong,Monica Wells,Verna Smith,Debbie Wilson,Sharon Vallon,Alice Biatti

Actors: John Holmes,John Leslie,Joey Silvera

Five vignettes connected by the actresses all wearing black silk stockings. These were all taken from prior material, or loops. The first is John Holmes and Desiree West working on the sale of a painting, while working on each other. Next, John and Annette Haven pair as a writer and a visiting Stenographer, who enjoys taking "dick-tation". Third, Joey Silvera (as Joey Civera) and Monica Wells hook up on a bed for some silk fun. Fourth, The Professor and the Schoolgirls section is an early John Holmes performance. Last, Models Annette Haven and Linda Wong accept an assignment from photographer John Leslie.